What's New

Beta 1.0.0

  • Introduced the ability to:
    • Scan for OpenVR-enabled titles and bring them into the person's space.
    • Launch into said VR apps and be able to return to Holos seamlessly.
  • Created and implemented a cross-platform hand system to give people hand-based inputs, regardless of the tracked controllers they bring.
  • Tied the interface to the person so that they can move freely around the environment and always have their content.
  • Created a virual assistant, Arnold. Arnold helps walk the person through Holos for the first time.

Alpha 0.8.0

  • Introduced the ability to:
    • Log into the backend with their Holos account.
    • Interact with the items within the person's space.
    • Shop for cards in the Holos Market and add them into the person's space.
    • Interact with and move cards around the space.
    • Organize said cards into decks on a desk.
    • Transfer to different home environments.
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Last updated on 24th Sep 2018