Accessing local files

Since Holos is a spatial workspace, homespace and general AR/VR productivity tool, it needs to be deeply integrated with the underlying operating system. To access your local documents and files, these file paths have to be added to the Holos Companion App.

  1. The Companion App can be found in the Windows Taskbar.

  2. Double clicking on the Holos icon will bring up the HolosLog window. This is a log containing the messages sent from the Holos program to your operating system

Holos Log

  1. Clicking on the Config button on the top left of the HolosLog window will bring up the ConfigDialog window. This window contains a list of Library Folders.

Config Log

  1. By clicking on the Add button, you will be able to add paths to local documents and files that you would like to access through the Holos workspace.
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Last updated on 24th Sep 2018