Taking Notes

Text notes can be taken within the Holos application and saved locally. These notes are taken through voice dictation.

Taking Notes

  1. Look at your left wristwatch to summon Arnold to start listening.
  2. Arnold responds to several commands to initiate note taking capabilities:
    • Take a note.
    • Start note taking.
    • New card
  3. Arnold will respond with "I'm listening" and start glowing. You can start dictating what you intend to write to the note.

  4. The capture card containing the note will appear before you.

  5. To be able to access these notes via the menu system, you would need to add the path to the "Notes" folder into the Companion app before using this feature.

  6. The "Notes" folder can be found within your "Documents" folder or "Personal" folder. The "Notes" folder can be created manually, or it would be automatically created once you have used the note taking feature.
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Last updated on 24th Sep 2018